“Salsa Dancing” el baile de salsa. written by victorious LinJola

sdWhat do you get when you combine Latin American and Afro-Caribbean styles of movement performed to a mixture of west African drum rhythms, Spanish guitar and various musical influences such as; Cumbia, GuAracha and Rumba? If you answered “Salsa dancing!” you would be absolutely correct.

Salsa dancing is a spicy blend of rhythmic flavors and sensual seductive twists, turns and timed steps mirroring the Mambo and other forms of Cuban dances that will make even the most uncomfortable and shyest of dancers want to get up and bust a move.

The term Salsa, coined in New York and derives from the Spanish word used for sauce: however, Salsa dancing’s origins are credited to Cuba. This contagious dance was introduced to the United States as early as the 1940’s and later embraced and improved upon by the Latin American population in New York City during the 1960’s.  Salsa dancing is now widely known throughout the world, continuing to gain popularity and considered by many of its admirers as one of the sexiest dances of Passion and romance for couples and is very easy to learn.  So the next time you think about going dancing, and how to spice it up a little, consider tasting the flavorful dance of salsa.  

Buen appetite!..


Written article content and pictorial Layout ~by Victorious LinJola


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